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There are workplaces characterised in this chapter in which research and development make a significant part of the activities. They are mostly:
• Institutes of AS CR which are public research institutions,
• University workplaces (faculties, departments, institutes), which conduct research and development together with their pedagogic activities,
• Allowance sector organisations which conduct research and development together with other activities,
• Research organisations in the private sector.

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This Annex presents the review of programme projects solved in 2008 by public research institutions, universities, directly managed organisations, and private subjects with the support provided from public funds.
It is possible that the list of projects is not exhaustive, especially in the areas of nanobiotechnologies and medicine. It is often very difficult to identify in these areas the nanotechnologically oriented projects, unless the project researchers explicitly present it in the names of projects (e.g. with the prefix “nano”), when formulating project objectives, or refer it to the authors of this publication. Many Czech scientists and research workers, who are active in biological or medical fields, do not use names with the prefix “nano” and thus, for example, they do not make molecular biology different from the nanobiotechnology.

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Research intentions
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Research intentions that are oriented fully or partly on nanotechnologies and managed by different providers are outlined here. Research intention means the determination of the research subject of activities by a legal person or organisation unit, its goals, strategy, costs, and envisaged results tried for within the basic or applied research, with the exception of the industrial research, its conceptual development in the period of 5 to 7 years. The funding of research intentions is institutional.

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It contains a summary of programs enounced by various state organizations for the support of research and development of special-purpose means.

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