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Research Institute of Organic Syntheses, a.s. (VÚOS)
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Rybitví 276, 532 18 Pardubice 20, I.D. 60108975

Brief institute characteristics
VUOS is one of the biggest Czech companies involved in the research and development in the area of organic chemistry and toxicology. The history of VUOS goes back to 1941, when the Society for the Chemical and Metallurgical Manufacturing founded research laboratories in a newly built plant in Rybitví close to Pardubice. VUOS is now a 100% subsidiary of Synthesia, a.s. The inclusion into the Synthesia Group allowed for the offering of unified services which start with research and development, including analyses and toxicology, pilot or small scale manufacturing to the manufacture of many hundreds of tons.
The main VUOS activities are as follows:
- Manufacture of special chemicals - from grams to tons (hundreds of tons in Synthesia, a.s.)
- Research and development
- Environmental services
- Process engineering.
Number of personnel: 280
Annual turnover: CZK 313.5 million (2006)

Activities in the area of nanotechnologies/nanomaterials
There have been research and development of precursors organised (monomers for conductive polymers, coloured modifiers) for electrochromic materials, the research of organic and organic-metallic compounds for high-tech applications in electronics, and for the utilisation in medicine, the research of photocatalytic systems and nanosystems for micro electrotechnology.

Projects solved in the area of nanotechnologies
a) Projects the accepting party of which is VUOS
- Project of MIT FT-TA3/048 “DPP and CPP compounds based nanomaterials and functional systems for electronic equipment”, 1/2006 – 12/2008, the head researcher is Ing. Martin Kaja.
- Project of MEYS 2B06104 “Photosensibilisers in dental medicine”, 7/2006-6/2010, the researcher is Ing. Marie Karásková.

b) Projects in which VUOS cooperates
- Project of AS CR, the programme “Nanotechnology for the Society” KAN400720701 “Hierarchy nanosystems for microelectronics”, 1/2007 – 12/2011, the researcher is Ing. Olga Šolcová, CSc., Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of AS CR, Praha, the co-researcher on behalf of VUOS is Ing. Jan Rakušan, CSc. The project in VUOS focuses on the studies of applications of phtalate-cyanine derivates on nanoparticles of metal oxides and the utilisation of composites in microelectronics.
- Project of the 7th FP EU, INNOSHADE “Innovative Switchable Shading Appliances Based on Nanomaterials and Hybrid Electrochromic Device Configurations”, 2008 - 2011, Integrated project, VUOS is a partner.

- Ing. Miroslav Nečas, CSc. - chemical syntheses, nanomaterials
- Ing. Lubomír Kubáč - syntheses, UV stabilisation
- Ing. Jan Rakušan, CSc. - functional nanosystems
- Ing. Jan Vyňuchal – organic compounds for electronics


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