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Vydáno dne 23. 12. 2009 (4293 přečtení)

At the present time nanotechnology is one of the most developing field of science. Despite of the huge progress in the basic research, many questions remain unanswered, especially those connected with practical applications of nanotechnology. Nevertheless nanomaterials are used almost in all fields of human doing and thus they are widely discussed, not only by scientists but also by general community. The debate on economic, social and ethical aspects of nanotechnology increases not only in USA, but today also in Europe. Safety and health protection at work with nanomaterials are very important issues to debate. In this article we focus on the most serious problems with safety of nanotechnology. These problems will be a main topic of the Scientific Hearing on risk assessment of nanomaterials at September 2009 in Brussels, which is organized by PEROSH (Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health) and NEW OSH ERA (New and Emerging Risks in Occupational Safety and Health - Anticipating and dealing with change in the workplace through coordination of OSH risk research). Occupational Safety Research Institute, v.v.i. will represent Czech Republic on the symposium. A goal of our institute is participate actively in a work of this special committee. Whereas nanotechnology is a quite broad issue, we would like to collaborate with other Czech organizations either academic or industrial.

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